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One of the biggest challenges when creating SEO Audits is visualization of your findings. You have tons of data on how a website performs, but it’s a mess to visualize it compelling and in the right tone of voice. This is possible if you utilize the strengths of Microsoft Excel. Now you can download this free Excel SEO template and get started creating visually compelling SEO Audits

What you get

SEO Scorecard template

  • Easily show potential within the different areas of SEO
  • Show prioritization and score at each area of your Audit
  • Visualized beautiful in Excel as a radar diagram
  • Colours that clearly differentiate Technical aspects and Content

Crawl and summarization template

  • Tables summarizing data from the Excel sheet
  • Graphs that clearly visualize your crawls
  • Easily filter and update graphs

Why Visualizations in SEO Audits is key

Communicating issues in your SEO audit to both marketing professionals, decision makers, copywriters, and developers is an important task. They all have different concerns and interests in SEO and your Audit.

Visualization is being remembered 650% better than text and our brain process visual information faster and easier than text.

Visualization is thus in our SEO Audits key if we want to communcate effectively and here Excel is an underestimated tool.

There are hundreds of tools in the market but they all visualize and set up data differently. This create a clutter of styles, tone of voices and data. Instead you can use Excel to put it all together in one sheet. This allows you to create branded visualizations for you SEO audit.

Collect and put together data  in excel from tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Ahrefs, Siteliner, Ranking tools and many others and use Excel to create powerful visualizations.


SEO EXCEL template

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SEO Excel Scorecard

Excel seo scorecard

In  the above you can see how I used Excel to create a radar diagram that give a top level scorecard of your website. The scorecard in the Excel SEO Template has been divided into the two main categories Tech and Content.

The overview is a great way to create an executive summary and visually point out the biggest potentials. This template is truly something I recommend when communicating SEO to the C level and it is easy to create in Excel.

Crawl and summarization template

SEO Audit excel visualizationHaving you screaming frog crawl is really important but without visualization of SEO you will have a hard time communicating your points. The above show examples of what the template allows you to do with Excel.

This is an excellent way to visualize crawls and insert into your SEO audits. It give yourself and your stakeholders great knowledge into the sidewide performance of the website. And Excel lets you easily filter out data to narrow the graphs down to where you want.

Behind the SEO Excel Template

Forfatteren bag søgeordsanalyse bogen er Nikolaj Mogensen 

My name is Nikolaj Mogensen and I work as Head of SEO & Owned Media at GroupM Denmark. We work with over 60 clients in all sizes and on all aspects of SEO. I have been working with SEO for the last 8 year and through my time I have made my fair share of SEO Audits.

My background is a Master of Science within IT E-business where i mainly focused my studies and thesis around SEO. For the past 5 years I have been an active blogger and speaker at Danish Marketing conferences.

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