SEO specialist

My name is Nikolaj Mogensen – glad to meet you. I would love to get to know you if you have just as much passion for online marketing and particularly SEO. On this website, your can read, interact and connect with me on the road to more knowledge and experience within SEO and online marketing.

Whether it’s on blogs or on social media I’ll share my knowledge from my job within SEO and online marketing. I continuously seek to learn new things, meet new people and improve my competencies. This website will take you to the places where I do this.

My everyday fix of SEO and Online Marketing is coming from my job as Head of SEO at s360. Here I work at a specialist level within SEO and online marketing for some of the biggest Danish brands as well as large international companies. Together with a team of 25, we help clients within SEO  to increase visibility in Google and to get more out of their traffic.

I’m a 32-year-old talent within online marketing and especially SEO and Search. I have competencies and experience within online marketing both from search such as Google Ads and SEO to Analytics, e-commerce, analytics, and Social Media Marketing.

I hold a BSc (Business science) from Aarhus School of Business as well as a Master in IT E-business from the IT University in Copenhagen.

I’m a very passionate person with an enthusiastic, spontaneous and determined mind. Some of my core values are dedication, drive, and commitment. I have always believed that in order to become one of the worlds leading SEO and online marketing experts I need to love what I do. Thus I’m a positive and dedicated individual who believes in what I do and always gives 110% of myself in the projects and the work I do.

Other people will describe me as not only an expert but also a person with a huge drive. When you work together with me you get a person who truly believes in what we do. And if not, I will try to change what we do, so that it fits my beliefs. When doing only marketing I have a strong belief that Owned Media are the future, but it won’t work without Earned and Paid Media.

Since 2008 I have been involved in various projects of my own and together with other people. For 5 years I had an eCommerce store selling scarves online. I have also had a jewelry eCommerce store, created a real store together with 5 other people, created a student union within entrepreneurship, and been to numerous events and weekends within entrepreneurship.