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My name is Nikolaj Mogensen – glad to meet you. I would love to get to know you if you have just as much passion for online marketing and particularly SEO. On this website your can read, interact and connect with me on the road to more knowledge and experience within SEO and online marketing.

Whether it’s on blogs or on social media I’ll share my knowledge from my job within SEO and online marketing. I continuously seek to learn new things, meet new people and improve my competencies. This website will take you to the places where I do this.

Head of SEO & Owned Media at GroupM DK

My everyday fix of SEO and Online Marketing is coming from my job as Head of SEO & Owned Media at GroupM Denmark. Here I work at a specialist level within SEO and online marketing for some of the biggest Danish brands as well as large international companies. Together with a team of 14 we help clients within SEO and Owned Media to increase visibility in Google and to get more out of their traffic. We are a part of the specialist digital department called GroupM Connect.

GroupM Connect is a search specialist agency created in 1995 as Outrider. Today GroupM Connect do both Earned, Owned and Paid Media in all Scandinavian countries. GroupM is a part of the WPP network which is the worlds biggest marketing company. In Denmark, all the agencies of GroupM is the largest media agency group. It feels great to a part of something this big and to surround myself with so many competent and talented people.



  • SEO100%
  • Online Marketing90%
  • SEM80%
  • E-commerce70%
  • Google AdWords65%
  • Online Advertising60%
  • E-business60%
  • Social Media Marketing60%
  • Google Analytics60%


During my time at Deducta i have had the pleasure of working closely with Nikolaj on a number of projects. Nikolaj has wide experience with e-business and marketing from running his own webshops but his greatest competencies lie within SEO. Nikolaj Mogensen is one of the best SEO specialists i have had the pleasure of working with and he has a proven track record for improving clients Google rankings and thus making them money.

Nikolaj goes about his work with great pride, seriousness and dedication. He is extremely hard working and has an ability to focus on his work no matter what happens around him. He is also some what of a perfectionist and always gives his clients more than expected.

It has been great to work in the same office as Nikolaj who always keeps a very friendly tone even in stressful situations. Nikolaj is a great example of a person who initially is a colleague but ends up being a friend. Nikolaj gets my best recommendations!

Philip Arnaa- Consultant, MEC

For almost two years I had the opportunity to work along with Nikolaj Mogensen on various projects concerning search engine optimization and search engine advertising for some really interesting clients in Denmark with international operations.

Nikolaj is a confident and very capable SEO consultant in giving the best advices for challenges in the always changing game of SEO. In my opinion being a SEO consultant is not just a job for Nikolaj it is also a passion that he likes to dig deep into outside the working hours. So he is for sure dedicated in the business. But Nikolaj is also very concerned in giving advice that both creates value and have a low risk. What Nikolaj suggests usually pays off big time. Furthermore Nikolaj pays a huge interest in educating his clients to better understand SEO and the impact is has on revenue metrics, PR, how social platforms influences the efficiency in rankings etc. Be prepared for gaining some new knowledge in SEO.

As a personal being, Nikolaj has a very polite yet open and welcoming attitude – it’s always a pleasure going to a client meeting with him. Furthermore he has a great capacity to follow up upon opportunities from meetings and last of all being very structured in his daily management of the clients.

I rank Nikolaj to be among the best SEO consultants in Denmark

Philip Sander Nielsen- Senior Digital Development Manager, Mindshare

I’m a 28 year old talent within online marketing and especially SEO and Search.

I have competencies and experience within online marketing both from Search such as AdWords and SEO to Analytics, e-commerce, analytics and Social Media Marketing.

I hold a BsCB (Business science) from Aarhus School of Business as well as a Master in IT E-business from the IT University in Copenhagen.

I’m a very passionate person within a enthusiastic, spontaneous and determined mind. Some of my core values are dedication, drive and commitment. I have always believed that in order to become one of the worlds leading SEO and online marketing experts I need to love what I do. Thus I’m a positive and dedicated individual who believe in what I do and always give 110% of myself in the projects and the work I do.

Other people will describe me as not only an expert byt also a person with a huge drive. When you work together with me you get a person who truly believes in what we do. And if not, I will try to change what we do, so that it fits my beliefs. When doing only marketing I have a strong belief that Owned Media are the future, but it wont work without Earned and Paid Media.

Since 2008 I have been involved in various projects of my own and together with other people. For 5 years I had an ecommerce store selling scarves online. I have also had a jewelery ecommerce store, created a real store together with 5 other people, created a student union within entrepreneurship and been to numerous event and weekends within entrepreneurship.